RNA-seq analysis of RNA from DBA/2J retinal ganglion cells

Original publication: Williams et al., Science, 2017 [PDF]
GEO link: [LINK]



RNA-seq analysis of RNA from DBA/2J infiltrating and peripheral monocytes

Original publication: Williams et al., Molecular Neurodegeneration, 2019 [PDF]



RNA-seq analysis of RNA from DBA/2J optic nerve head microglia

Original publication: Tribble et al., Molecular Brain, 2020 [PDF]
Data link (4 files): [LINK]

Metabolomics from DBA/2J retina (untreated, pyruvate, nicotinamide treated)

Original publication: Harder et al., PNAS, 2020 [PDF]
Data link (2 datasets): [LINK]

Metabolomics from normotensive and ocular hypertensive Brown Norway rat retina, optic nerve, and superior colliculus (untreated, nicotinamide treated)

Original publication: Tribble et al., Redox Biology, 2021 [PDF]
Data link (4 datasets): [LINK]

Cytokine array data from mouse retinal axotomy model at 24h post-axotomy (control, untreated, LPS treated, valproic acid treated)

Original publication: Tribble, Kastanaki et al., Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology, 2022 [PDF]
Data link (1 dataset): [LINK]