Principal Investigator & Research Group Leader

Contact Information

Email: pete [dot] williams [at]

Pete Williams

  1. 2021

    Docent (Neuroscience)

    Karolinska Institutet
  2. 2012 to 2018

    Postdoctoral Fellow

    The Jackson Laboratory, U.S.A.
  3. 2009 to 2012

    PhD (Visual Neuroscience and Molecular Biology)

    School of Optometry and Vision Sciences, Cardiff University, U.K.
  4. 2006 to 2009

    BSc (Hons) (Biomedical Sciences - Neuroscience)

    Cardiff University, U.K.

Postdoctoral Fellows and Senior Staff

James Tribble

Assistant Professor

Email: james [dot] tribble [at]

PhD Students

Amin Otmani

PhD Student

Email: amin [dot] otmani [at]

Melissa Jöe

PhD Student

Email: melissa [dot] joe [at]

Steffi Jonk

PhD Student

Email: steffi [dot] jonk [at]

Anne Rombaut

PhD Student

Email: anne [dot] rombaut [at]

    Associated PhD Students

    Gloria Cimaglia

    PhD Student

    Email: cimagliag [at]

    Alessio Canovai

    PhD Student

    Email: a.canovai [at]

      Simon Gustavsson

      PhD Student

      Email: simon.gustavsson [at]

        BSc / MSc Students

        Danica Jovancevic

        Bachelor student

        Email: danica [dot] jovancevic [at]

          Daniela Westerlund

          Bachelor student

          Email: daniela [dot] westerlund [at]

            Albin Camitz

            Email: albin [dot] camitz [at]

              Visiting Researchers

              James Morgan

              Visiting Researcher

              Email: morganje3 [at]

              Marcela Votruba

              Visiting Researcher

              Email: votrubam [at]

              Andy Osborne

              Visiting Researcher

              Email: drandyosborne [at]

              Tim Enz

              Visiting Researcher

              Email: tim [dot] enz [at]

              Lab Alumni

              Anna Hagström

              Lab Alumnus

              Email: anna [dot] hagstrom [at]

                Eirini Kokkali

                Lab Alumnus

                Email: kokkalie [at]

                Elizabeth Kastanaki

                Lab Alumnus

                Email: elizabeth [dot] kastanaki [at]>

                  Berşan Uslular

                  Lab Alumnus

                    Avan Albrznje

                    Lab Alumnus

                      Carola Rutigliani

                      Lab Alumnus